Team Spotlight

Jacob Sosnoff’s professional background and training are in motor control and gerontology. He earned his Ph.D. in Kinesiology from Pennsylvania State University, where he was a National Institute of Aging pre-doctoral fellow. His current research focuses on predictors, consequences, and prevention of walking, mobility and balance impairments in clinical populations including individuals with multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injury, and older adults. This research naturally segued into falls prevention. This research has made him acutely aware that older adults are frequently unaware of their individual fall risk and lack knowledge on how to prevent falls. Based on this understanding he founded the Illini Fall Prevention Clinic, a community resource for identifying people’s individualized fall risks and developing personalized strategies to reduce those risks. Realizing that the clinic was not scalable, Sosnoff and his colleagues have begun to develop, evaluate and implement technology-based solutions for fall risk assessment and prevention. Within TechSAge, he leads a project focusing on the refinement and implementation of a fall risk assessment and prevention mobile health app for older adults who utilize wheeled mobility. He also contributes to the project developing technology to monitor falls in wheeled device users. When not researching innovative solutions to various mobility-related problems, Jake enjoys walking his dogs, trying not to lose in connect-four or card games to his wonderful wife, and discussing soccer, Star Wars, and superheroes with his three sons.